Easily Transform Your Home Into an Outdoor Oasis With Simple Landscaping

Most homeowners are very aware of their home’s exterior. Keeping a beautiful house says something about its residents. Homeowners often make sure their house has a fresh coat of paint, clean siding and a beautiful roof and driveways, but sometimes overlook a very important factor, landscaping. One of the simplest ways to add aesthetic beauty to your home is by taking the time to make sure your yard looks great. This easy task can make a world of a difference for your home’s curb appeal.

Here are some key points to follow when considering easy and cost effective ways to create a beautiful yard:

  • Lawns can make or break a home. Be sure to keep yours well-trimmed and healthy. Green grass is fundamental here, so be certain to water, fertilize, air rate and de-thatch when necessary. A healthy lawn is the backbone to a great looking yard.
  • Good and bad, large trees play an important role in a beautiful landscape. One or two in front of your house can give it a great feel, but be sure your home is clearly visible. Remove any large groups of trees blocking the view to your home, and be sure to carefully trim those that will be kept. Generally, it’s better to have a professional trim your trees and shrubs, because each plant reacts differently, and will grow accordingly.
  • Color plays a fun part in your new landscaping, and bushes, shrubs and flowers will help you achieve a visually appealing yard. Pick colors that will accent your home, making it stand out from the rest, but that aren’t overbearing eyesores. Keep in mind that most of these plants are seasonal, so be sure to plan accordingly so you can enjoy your foliage year round.
  • Cleanly separate each area of your yard. Stones, wooden railroad ties and mulch all do a great job of this. Keeping clean sections which work with each other will compliment your home, drawing visitor’s eyes inwards.
  • Statues and fountains can be great focal points, just don’t get carried away. One or two is usually enough. Be sure to accent these great pieces with shrubs, stones and flowers so they don’t look empty.
  • Lines are another often overlooked aspect of landscape design. Use what you have to draw your visitor’s attention to various sections of your yard or home. For example, planting bushes in rows towards your front door will help guide viewer’s eyes in that direction.
  • A final fairly inexpensive landscaping aspect which is generally overlooked is lighting. Adding accent lighting to your home and yard can substantially increase its feel and beauty. Again, be sure to illuminate the high points of your home and garden. Your accent lights will determine exactly what your neighbors and passers-by will see when it’s dark outside.

Landscaping can be a fairly easy job when you know what you are doing but if you don’t feel comfortable incorporating all of the above in your new home improvement project, there are a few websites online ready to provide you with the best landscaping professionals in your area. Services such as All Around the Home and CalFinder make it easy to have the best yard on the block.

Please keep all of the various factors I discussed above in mind when dealing with any contractor giving you an estimate. Find out from them what they will be doing to incorporate the various aspects of your home’s landscaping, and be sure to give them your opinions and ideas when it comes to making your home beautiful. While new paint, roofing or siding is definitely good for the aesthetics of your home, nothing quite gives it that feeling a great landscaping job can.